Resume of Mr. Ramuel Mendoza Raagas

for UP Women's Studies Center

Position Sought: Proofreader

Character Summary:

Proficient in Tagalog and English; With Experience in Proofreading. Formally educated in gender studies.

Name Ramuel Mendoza Raagas
First Middle Last

Address: #80 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, 1108A Quezon City

Phone Number: none

Web-Site URL:

Date of Birth: November 14, 1974

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Name of Father:Dr. Manuel Suelto RaagasOccupation:Physician(Radiologist)
Name of Mother:Mrs. Herminia Mendoza RaagasOccupation:Retired Math Professor

School Years Attended Course
Ateneo Grade School 1981-8 Honors Course
Philippine Science High School 1988
Brookline High School 1988-1992
University of the Philippines 1992-5, 1997, 1999-2001 BA Comparative Literature

In Ateneo, I learned to be "A Man for Others." This carried over to my adult life, culminating in my five year service for Task Force Street-Children early in the 1990's, when I was already taking upcollege in UP.

In Brookline, our school philosophy was "Unity in Diversity." I'm very flexible in dealing with different people. The Massachusetts I lived in from 1988-1992 was cleansed of the racial turmoil which persisted until around the year of my birth. In our Philippines, I've gotten along with various folk from Bulacan to Alabang.

Computer Knowledge
Apple II+/e languages Basic, Integer, LOGO, machine language Wordstar markup
Macintosh languages Symantec Think C and Think Pascal
Platform-independent language HTML 4, CSS, XML
Applications used Microsoft Word, Power Point 2000, Corel Draw 9, Paint Shop Pro

My computer knowledge is basically software-based. It is my friends who are more into assembling motherboards and CPUs. Only once did I get to deal with hardware experimentation. That was early in 1992, when I finished a digital electronics class at Harvard Extension School, Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was then that I got to handle breadboards and pin-to-pin wiring. My present extensive use of computers dwells in the realm of Microsoft Word and the Internet. I've had also extensive experience with Paint Shop Pro.

Work Experience
Job held Employer date employed
Academic Tutor Fria-Lex Skills Transfer Services May 1995-January 1997
Account Executive Filbar's Magazines Filemon Barbasa 1998
Web-site designer
computer clerk
telephone operator
Japan Direct Consultant August 1999-June 23, 2000
Module composition
South-East Asian Ministers for Education Organization May 2001-June 2001

Language Knowledge
Languages Spoken: Tagalog, English and a little French

There are the only languages I am conversant in, but even with only those two spoken languages, I can go a long way. It is with Tagalog that I speak with those of Bisayan (under that Boholano, Davao, etc.) ethnicity. It is with English that I was able to communicate with people of German and Norwegian nationalities.

In high school, I studied French at the advanced placement level. With my friend Ed Cabagnot from the CCP, I get to see some French and Spanish films (such as La reine Margot and Como Agua Para Chocolate), which I can understand by ear.

Languages Read: Tagalog, English, Spanish and French

By reading Patricio Mariano's Tagalog translation of Rizal's Noli Me Tangere, I started to understand the original Spanish text. After the Noli, I studied Gabriel Garcia Marquez bilingually for my thesis, which I passed last year.

My favourite English writers are Gemino Henson Abad (a poet who teaches at my school) and Carlos Bulosan.

Languages Formally Studied: French, Ilocano, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese

I've taked up all the above as foreign language elective classes. This past semester, I also studied a little bit of the Hebrew language for my West Asian literature class.

Personal Character References Address Phone Number
Adelaida A. Figueras Lucero, Ph. D. AA5-104 Pook Aguinaldo
UP Diliman Campus
Michael Getty Mallari Atienza 73 Anonas Street, Project 2
Quirino 2-A District, Quezon City
Edward de los Santos Cabagnot Cultural Center of the Philippines
Residence: Palanan, Makati