Amelia Peralta Guevara, Ph. D.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Quezon Hall, University Avenue

University of the Philippines, Diliman

1101 Quezon City, Metro Manila

November 8, 2001

RE: Extension of Maximum Residency Requirement

Dear Dr. Guevara

I, Mr. Ramuel Mendoza Raagas, of student number CAL 1992-79204,

do hereby request from your esteemed office an extension of Maximum Residency Requirement so as to accomodate the implementation of a new system-wide community service requirement to replace the Military Science subjects required of male students such as myself.

Just this past semester, I had requested for an extension only until the past month and its inscribing semester. I had assumed that I would pass at least three of the four P.E. subjects I took then, and that these, together with the Skin Diving class that I had passed a year ago, would suffice to make me meet the four-subject requirement for P.E. classes passed as an undergraduate student of our university.

It so turned out that I have only passed two of the four P.E. subjects that I had just taken this past semester. The other two are registered with marks of "INComplete." To complete these subjects, I need to stay registered as a student until my date of completing them. I therefore kindly request your approval of an renewed extension of my maximum residency requirement until October of the year 2002, the deadline for my completing at least either of the two incomplete marks I have just incurred for P.E. subjects.

In the process of completion, I may also enroll in at least one fresh new Physical Education sport, so as to expand my options for fulfilling my final PE subject requirement. I may also take the integrated Spanish 3-20 Foreign Language Class offered this semester so as to settle to the letter the provision in my course curriculum that calls for all of a student's twelve (12) foreign language electives units to fall under a single language, which in my case would be Spanish. To date, I have been holding twenty (21) foreign language units, distributed across four (4) different language, three (3) of them carrying six (6) focused units each. Mrs. Casipit of AS 101 administrative office and College of Arts Associate Dean Jose Wendell Capili have advised me that these in themselves already stand in a negotiable position for graduation. I am also composing a letter to my department chairperson, Dr. Jose Yap Dalisay, Jr., requesting such an accomodation.

Last semester, our University Registrar Ludendorffo Decenteceo, recommended that
BA Comparative Literature
Asian and Third World Literature Concentration
First Year
First Semester
1.5Communication I (Readings)Dr. Lilia F. Realubit
2.75Natural Science I
(Physics and Chemistry)
Profs. Abastillas & Josefina Flores
2.5Mathematics IProf. Zarco
2.5Kasaysayan I (Pilipinas)Propesor Ginang Pimentel
1.75Philippine Literature
Panitikang Pilipino 190 (Nobela)
Dr. Domingo G. Landicho
2.75First Physical Education subject
(Skin Diving)
Divemaster Louie Mencias
Second Semester
2.0Communication II
Prof. Topsie Ruanni Tupas
2.75Natural Science II
(Geology and Biology)
Prof.'s Jun Obille and Dr. Lopez
2.25Kasaysayan II
(Asia and the World)
Dr. Alejandro Casambre
3Social Science IProf. Cuchiongco
1.75Panitikang Pilipino 187
(Panitikan at Kulturang Popular)
Prof. Jimmuel Naval
3.0Second P.E. subject
Street Dancing
Prof. Jerome Alcantara
Second Year
First Semester
2.5Humanities I
(Intro to Literature)
Prof. Tupas
2.0Communication III (Speech)Profs. Amihan Ramolete Bonifacio
and Christine Castillo
2.0Social Science IIDr. Estrella Solidum
2.0Philosophy IProf. Jennifer Arevalo de Villa
1.75Free Elective I
(Filipino 170)
Malikhaing Pagsusulat
ng Maikling Kuwento sa Tagalog
Former Dean Rogelio Sikat
1.75Foreign Language
Spanish I
Prof. Ana Ventanilla
3.03rd PE 2: CheerdancingProf. Jonathan Cagas
Second Semester
1.5CL 30 (Intro to European Lit.)Prof. Noel Canlas
1.0CL 50 (Survey of Philippine
Literature in English)
Associate Dean Jose Wendell Capili
1.5Free Elective 2
(Art Studies 170)
Dr. Norma Respicio
1.25Foreign Language 2
Spanish II
Father Felipe Rufes
(to be either
or re-taken)
4th PE 2 subject
(Table Tennis, Social Dance for Males
or yet another sport)
Mrs. Rachelle Santiago,
Professor Tom Peña
or another College of Human Kinetics faculty
Third Year
First Semester
3.0CL 100
(Introduction to Comp. Lit.)
Dr. Luisa J. Mallari-Hall
1.25CL 122 (Critical Theory)Prof. Angelito L. Santos
1.5CL 53 (Survey of Third World Lit.)Adelaida Albano Figueras-Lucero, Ph. D.
1.75CL 56 (Emergent Lit.)Prop. Edelberto Espiritu Garcellano
1.5CL 145 (Japanese Lit.)
(First Concentration Subject)
Prof. Capili
1.75Foreign Language 3
(Islamic Studies 10: Arabic)
Ustad Esmula
Second Semester
1.5CL 150
(Philippine Lit. in English
before World War II)
Dr. Nonilon Valderrama Queaño
1.75CL 147 (Third World Fiction)
(Second Concentration Subject)
Dr. Lucero
1.25CL 166 (Latin American Readings)
(Third Concentration Subject)
Dr. Lucero
1.0CL Elective 1 (170)
Folk Literature
Consolacion R. Alaras, Ph. D.
1.25CL Elective 2 (185)
(Translation Studies)
Josefa Baldoz Schriever, Ph. D.
1.75Foreign Language 4
(IS 11)
Prof. Esmula
Fourth Year
First Semester
2.25Philippine Institutions 100Prop. Melecio Fabros, III
1.5CL Elective 3 (184)
(Gay Male Writing)
Prof. Jose Neil Carmelo Garcia
1.5CL Elective 4 (123)
Dr. Priscelina Patajo-Legasto
1.5CL 105
(Film and Literature)
Marra PL. Lanot
2.5CL 199 (Research and Thesis)Dr. Schriever
Second Semester
2.0CL 144
Literature of China
(Fourth Concentration Subject)
Dr. Lily Rose Roxas Tope
2.25CL 140 (West Asian Lit.)
(Fifth Concentration Subject)
Carminia Añonuevo Yaptengco, Ph. D.
1.5CL Elective 5 (108)
Literature and Gender
Prof. Thelma E. Arambulo
2.0Science, Technology and SocietyDr. Ramos-Dr. Danilo M. Yanga
2.0Departmental Elective
Creative Writing 110
Dr. Jose Yap Dalisay, Jr.

Respectfully Yours,
Mr. Ramuel Mendoza Raagas
CAL 1992-97204
BA Comparative Literature
#80 Esteban Abada
Loyola Heights, 1108A Quezon City