Professor Ludendorffo T. Decenteceo, Registrar

Second Floor, Office of the University Registrar

Instructional Materials Center Building

University of the Philippines

Quezon City 1101, Metro Manila

April 16, 2002

RE: Request for Assistance in DMST Clearance

Dear Registrar Decenteceo,

I, Mr. Ramuel Mendoza Raagas, student number CAL 1992-97204, do hereby request assistance from your office in regards to my obtaining clearance from the Department of Military Science and Tactics. The AS 101 administration has directed me to obtain such clearance.

Last week, I requested clearance from the Department of Military Science and Tactics. I approached Room 107 of Vanguard building. They told me that the process should be initiated by my presenting a certification in print from my college (Arts and Letters) ascertaining my graduating status. This Monday AS 101 processed for me such a document, which I then accordingly presented, first to Rm. 105, then later to Rm. 107, where I was referred.

That afternoon I spoke with Mister John S. Baroña, the administrative officer holding office in Room 107 of Vanguard Building. I presented him with the certification of graduation. He read the certification and requested that I reword the language. I typed up a draft of a revised certification bearing in mind his pointers. I showed this to AS 101 this morning. Mrs. Casipit told me, however, that their office was not in a position to issue any other wording of certification different from what they had provided for me.

Also this morning I spoke with the personnel of Room 105, Vanguard Building. The person in charge read the original certification which my college had issued me. I also presented the official Education Developmnent Fee receipt which you handed to me. The personnel looked over the two documents, then requested me to present the following:

I am not able to provide an ACR. I have not ever had an ACR. I understand that this document is provided by the Bureau of Immigration. Travel agents who had approached me early this year had offered this to me (even packaged as well with original Bureau of Immigration receipts and student's permit) at a price I have never held at hand or bank. My parents have decided against patronizing such deals.

It has been our family's express decision not to entertain ACR processing. To register myself with the BoI as an alien would aggravate the vacuum our family currently bears as to lack of government documents attesting to our Filipino roots. The National Statistics Office, as I have discovered within the past few months, keeps no birth record neither for myself nor my parents, notwithstanding my graduation of primary education here too in Quezon City's Third District, or even considering my parents' maintained habit of voting in government elections of various levels and payment of income tax from the 1960's up until late 1988.

I request your good office to negotiate with the DMST administration at Vanguard Building for an expedient issuance of my clearance notwithstanding my non-possession of alien status documents.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Respectfully Yours,
Mr. Ramuel Mendoza Raagas
CAL 1992-97204
BA Comparative Literature
#80 Esteban Abada
Loyola Heights, 1108A Quezon City