Once there was a non-scholar. Her name was Ramona. She was surrounded by scholars, but these were more than just smart, they were rich. They weren't all so rich, and the ones who were really rich didn't tend to show it. One really rich b-- made it a point not to buy a single article of designer-stamped clothing. This person would be seen walking around, rather than driving around the campud of Jorge Bocobo Academy. The ones who who were not too rich, were at least well-off enough to get their ever renewed clothes starched and ironed--- like... every day. Yeah, you could single out the ones who didn't wear rubber shoes ever in that department of anthology (otherwise known as the Kagawaran ng Agham-Tao if there was anything agham about a Ph.D. bugger picking up boys at the most banal of places). Ramona was so poor that she didn't even own four pair of functioning shoes at any given moment of history. Ramona died without ever getting stably employed. She was often called a prostitute, but if she could afford a lawyer, s/he could argue that the client never entered such a weary profession. Ramona did not know how to write well, and for every canonical author for whom she got around to sampling a little bit of reading, you could name thirty that she did not, even if you were only a high school student. Ramona got laid four times a year in our country which has only two climactic seasons. People, however, accused her of getting banged every fucking week (three times a week, even). Ramona liked to eat. In this sense she was abnormal, only getting to shop for clothes and accessories on average every two-and-a-half-months. She could have been middle class, but her dad was only a PSG servant of Marcos (the sick guy who got kicked out of the country, only to have the waxy image of his dead self revered in his rural region). Ramona had friends. At the prime of her life, she had more than thirty-two-of them simultaneously. Ramona was a non-scholar, because she never ever brought her fucking books around. Her notebook was a mere tickler in which she'd perform her chicken scratch. Ramona liked to watch dancing. Ramona was a non-scholar, as I said. She was a smoker instead. No she was not one of those smoking scholars who would dazzle Jorge Bocobo Academy. Ramona was not at all like the Dean of the Engineering College, the late Professor Mayko Paragad, who died of bad lungs at age fourty-four , leaving behind eight beautfiully-bound textbooks he had written. One of Ramona's friends was a scholar by the name of Ruth Lesboa, a close, personal friend of the drug trafficker Bing Laxamana. Ruth Lesboa would get Bing to donate big- amounted checks for the Jorge Bocobo Academy History of Natural History. Bing Laxama dealt his single product thereabouts in the Taytay area. Ruth Lesboa had big breasts.