How I could travel so light after such heavy reading? I'm in the middle of my women's lit read: Elizabeth Castro. WHere is my compact? Where is my Kleenex? Where is my ladies' bag for...

*** Nice breasts. Ugly scar. Good morning, ma'am. No bomb. *** This is my fourth visit to a mall this year. By the railings is a woman tall. Her skin is lighter than mine, but splotchy. Her footwear has a sole of three inches thick. *** How can these stalls make money if they compete with each other? ***

How fragrant is that woman! What a pretty little black dress. She even has "China Eyes," to recall a song title by the pop band Alamid (mountain cat).


The faces here are not the sort of "apparitions" which Ezra Pound had sung of. The faces here are like the surfaces of sticky rice-cakes, which a1re so to say, not as white as rice. Well, I won;t be grouchy to them if they aren't to me

It's a Pxxx. Are you not cultured enough to read the late 1990's fashion news? How can I tell if my mothers-of-pearl are for real? Shirt A and B are both crumpled. Shirt A is red and checkered, just like the short-sleeved Bugs Bunny

Of course, I'm getting red. Donna would not let me have it when we were at Robinson's. She says she likes blue better. Well, next time she wants me in her colour, she better kiss me, and not just in the cheek (). At least we held hands and did not mind the word "Thunderbird" being uttered by every three or so clumps of mallers. *** What digit pair will I post for my ending game bet? It's time for gin with citrus marbles.